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Jeremiah 2:36

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Why gaddest thou about - When they had departed from the Lord, they sought foreign alliances for support.

  1. The Assyrians 2 Chronicles 28:13-21; but they injured instead of helping them.
  • The Egyptians: but in this they were utterly disappointed, and were ashamed of their confidence.
  • See Jeremiah 37:7-8; (note), for the fulfillment of this prediction.

    Albert Barnes
    Notes on the Whole Bible

    To change thy way - The rival parties at Jerusalem looked one to Assyria, the other to Egypt, for safety. As one or other for the time prevailed, the nation “changed its way,” sending its embassies now eastward to Nineveh, now westward to Memphis.

    Thou also … - literally, also of Egypt “shalt thou be ashamed.” This was literally fulfilled by the failure of the attempt to raise the siege of Jerusalem Jeremiah 37:5.

    Matthew Henry
    Concise Bible Commentary
    The nation had not been wrought upon by the judgements of God, but sought to justify themselves. The world is, to those who make it their home and their portion, a wilderness and a land of darkness; but those who dwell in God, have the lines fallen to them in pleasant places. Here is the language of presumptuous sinners. The Jews had long thrown off serious thoughts of God. How many days of our lives pass without suitable remembrance of him! The Lord was displeased with their confidences, and would not prosper them therein. Men employ all their ingenuity, but cannot find happiness in the way of sin, or excuse for it. They may shift from one sin to another, but none ever hardened himself against God, or turned from him, and prospered.