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Luke 8:3

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Herod's steward - Though the original word, επιτροπος, signifies sometimes the inspector or overseer of a province, and sometimes a tutor of children, yet here it seems to signify the overseer of Herod's domestic affairs: the steward of his household. Steward of the household was an office in the king's palace by s. 24, of Hen. VIII. The person is now entitled lord steward of the king's household, and the office is, I believe, more honorable and of more importance than when it was first created. Junius derives the word from the Islandic stivardur, which is compounded of stia, work, and vardur, a keeper, or overseer: hence our words, warder, warden, ward, guard, guardian, etc. The Greek word in Hebrew letters is frequent in the rabbinical writings, אפיטדופום , and signifies among them the deputy ruler of a province. See on Luke 16:1; (note). In the Islandic version, it is forsionarmanns .

Unto him - Instead of αυτῳ, to him, meaning Christ, many of the best MSS. and versions have αυτοις, to them, meaning both our Lord and the twelve apostles, see Luke 8:1. This is unquestionably the true meaning.

Christ receives these assistances and ministrations, says pious Quesnel, -

  1. To honor poverty by subjecting himself to it.
  • To humble himself in receiving from his creatures.
  • That he may teach the ministers of the Gospel to depend on the providence of their heavenly Father.
  • To make way for the gratitude of those he had healed. And,
  • 5. That he might not be burthensome to the poor to whom he went to preach.

    Albert Barnes
    Notes on the Whole Bible

    Herod‘s steward - Herod Antipas, who reigned in Galilee. He was a son of Herod the Great. The word “steward” means one who has charge of the domestic affairs of a family, to provide for it. This office was generally held by a “slave” who was esteemed the most faithful, and was often conferred as a reward of fidelity.

    Ministered - Gave for his support.

    Of their substance - Their property; their possessions. Christians then believed, when they professed to follow Christ, that it was proper to give “all” up to him - their property as well as their hearts; and the same thing is still required that is, to commit all that we have to his disposal; to be willing to part with it for the promotion of his glory, and to leave it when he calls us away from it.

    Matthew Henry
    Concise Bible Commentary
    We are here told what Christ made the constant business of his life, it was teaching the gospel. Tidings of the kingdom of God are glad tidings, and what Christ came to bring. Certain women attended upon him who ministered to him of their substance. It showed the mean condition to which the Saviour humbled himself, that he needed their kindness, and his great humility, that he accepted it. Though rich, yet for our sakes he became poor.