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Luke 11:34

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

The light of the body is the eye - Or, the eye is the lamp of the body. See on Matthew 6:22; (note), etc.

The 35th and 36th verses are wanting in some MSS., and are variously read in others.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible
Verses 33-36

These verses are found in Matthew, but in a different connection. See the notes at Matthew 5:15; Matthew 6:22-23.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Christ promised that there should be one sign more given, even the sign of Jonah the prophet; which in Matthew is explained, as meaning the resurrection of Christ; and he warned them to improve this sign. But though Christ himself were the constant preacher in any congregation, and worked miracles daily among them, yet unless his grace humbled their hearts, they would not profit by his word. Let us not desire more evidence and fuller teaching than the Lord is pleased to afford us. We should pray without ceasing that our hearts and understandings may be opened, that we may profit by the light we enjoy. And especially take heed that the light which is in us be not darkness; for if our leading principles be wrong, our judgment and practice must become more so.
Ellen G. White
That I May Know Him, 257.4

It is faith that familiarizes the soul with the existence and presence of God, and when we live with an eye single to His glory we discern more and more the beauty of His character. Our souls become strong in spiritual power, for we are breathing the atmosphere of heaven and realizing that God is at our right hand.... We should live as in the presence of the Infinite One.9 TMK 257.4

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Ellen G. White
That I May Know Him, 232.5

We want an eye single to the glory of God in all the affairs of life; we want a living faith that holds fast the promises of God no matter how dark the prospect. We are not to look at the things which are seen, and judge from the world's standpoint, and be ruled by the world's principles, but we are to look at the things which are unseen, eternal.19 TMK 232.5

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Ellen G. White
That I May Know Him, 222.4

If the eye is single, if it is directed heavenward, the light of heaven will fill the soul, and earthly things will appear insignificant and uninviting. The purpose of the heart will be changed, and the admonition of Jesus will be heeded. You will lay up your treasure in heaven. Your thoughts will be fixed upon the great reward of eternity. All your plans will be made in reference to the future, immortal life. You will be drawn toward your treasure. You will not study your worldly interest, but in all your pursuits the silent inquiry will be, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” (Acts 9:6). Bible religion will be woven into your daily life.6 TMK 222.4

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Ellen G. White
That I May Know Him, 174.5

Nehemiah kept his eye single to the glory of God.... By the stability of his course of action he gave evidence that he was a brave Christian. His conscience was cleansed, refined, and ennobled by obedience to God. He refused to depart from Christian principles. TMK 174.5

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Ellen G. White
That I May Know Him, 115.5

Any course of action that weakens your physical or mental power unfits you for the service of your Creator. We are to love God with all our hearts, and if we have an eye single to His glory we shall eat, drink, and clothe ourselves with reference to His divine will. Every one who has a realizing sense of what it means to be a Christian will purify himself from everything that weakens and defiles. All the habits of his life will be brought into harmony with the requirements of the Word of truth, and he will not only believe, but will work out his own salvation with fear and trembling, while submitting to the molding of the Holy Spirit.28 TMK 115.5

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