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Leviticus 4:32

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

A lamb - A sheep. See Leviticus 3:7 note. Three points are to be observed in regard to the victims for sin-offerings.

(a) The common people had to offer a female, as the less valuable animaI; they might present either a sheep or a goat to suit their convenience:

(b) the rulers had always to offer a male-goat:

(c) the goat was preferred to the sheep, unlike the victim for a peace-offering or burnt-offering.

The sin-offerings were not accompanied by meat-offerings or drink-offerings. See Numbers 15:3-11.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Here is the law of the sin-offering for a common person. To be able to plead, when charged with sin, that we did it ignorantly, and through the surprise of temptation, will not bring us off, if we have no interest in that great plea, Christ hath died. The sins of ignorance committed by a common person, needed a sacrifice; the greatest are not above, the meanest are not below Divine justice. None, if offenders, were overlooked. Here rich and poor meet together; they are alike sinners, and welcome to Christ. From all these laws concerning the sin-offerings, we may learn to hate sin, and to watch against it; and to value Christ, the great and true Sin-offering, whose blood cleanses from all sin, which it was not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away. For us to err, with the Bible in our hands, is the effect of pride, sloth, and carelessness. We need to use frequent self-examination, with serious study of the Scriptures, and earnest prayer for the convincing influences of God the Holy Spirit; that we may detect our sins of ignorance, repent, and obtain forgiveness through the blood of Christ.