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Jeremiah 16:4

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

They shall die of grievous deaths - All prematurely; see Jeremiah 14:16.

As dung upon the face of the earth - See Jeremiah 8:2.

Be meat for the fowls - See Jeremiah 7:33.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
The prophet must conduct himself as one who expected to see his country ruined very shortly. In the prospect of sad times, he is to abstain from marriage, mourning for the dead, and pleasure. Those who would convince others of the truths of God, must make it appear by their self-denial, that they believe it themselves. Peace, inward and outward, family and public, is wholly the work of God, and from his loving-kindness and mercy. When He takes his peace from any people, distress must follow. There may be times when it is proper to avoid things otherwise our duty; and we should always sit loose to the pleasures and concerns of this life.