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Isaiah 62:2

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

And the Gentiles shall see - (see Isaiah 11:10:÷; come a up I father me say Isaiah 49:22; Isaiah 60:3, Isaiah 60:5, Isaiah 60:16).

And all kings thy glory - (See the notes at Isaiah 49:7, Isaiah 49:23; Isaiah 52:15; Isaiah 60:3, Isaiah 60:10-11, Isaiah 60:16).

And thou shalt be called by a new name - A name which shall be significant and expressive of a greatly improved and favored condition (see Isaiah 62:4). The idea is, that they would not be in a condition in which a name denoting humiliation, poverty, and oppression would be appropriate, but in circumstances where a name expressive of prosperity would be adapted to express their condition. On the custom of giving significant names, see the notes at Isaiah 7:3; Isaiah 8:1.

Which the mouth of the Lord shall name - Which shall be the more valuable because Yahweh himself shall confer it, and which must therefore be appropriate (see the notes at Isaiah 62:4, Isaiah 62:12.)

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
The Son of God here assures his church of his unfailing love, and his pleading for her under all trails and difficulties. She shall be called by a new name, a pleasant name, such as she was never called by before. The state of true religion in the world, before the preaching of the gospel, no man seemed to have any real concern for. God, by his grace, has wrought that in his church, which makes her his delight. Let us thence learn motives to holiness. If the Lord rejoices over us, we should rejoice in his service.