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2 Kings 16:17

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

See the marginal references. The acts recorded here, were probably not mere wanton acts of mutilation, but steps in the conversion of these sacred objects to other uses, as to the ornamentation of a palace or of an idol temple. The bases, the oxen, and the sea were not destroyed - they remained at Jerusalem until its final capture Jeremiah 52:17, Jeremiah 52:20. Probably they were restored to their original uses by Hezekiah 2 Chronicles 29:19.

A pavement of stones - Probably a pavement made expressly, for the stones of the court seem to have been covered with a planking of cedar 1 Kings 6:36; 1 Kings 7:12.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Ahaz put contempt upon the sabbath, and thus opened a wide inlet to all manner of sin. This he did for the king of Assyria. When those who have had a ready passage to the house of the Lord, turn it another way to please their neighbours, they are going down-hill apace to ruin.