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Zechariah 9:7

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

I will take away his blood out of his mouth - The Philistines, when incorporated with the Israelites, shall abstain from blood, and every thing that is abominable.

And Ekron as a Jebusite - As an inhabitant of Jerusalem. Many of the Philistines became proselytes to Judiasm; and particularly the cities of Gaza, and Ashdod. See Josephus Antiq. lib. xlii., c. 15, s. 4.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

And I will take away his blood out of his mouth - The “abominations” being idol-sacrifices, the “bloods” will also be, the blood mingled with the wine of sacrifices, of which David says, “Their drink-offerings of blood will I not offer” Psalm 16:4; and Ezekiel unites the offences, “Ye eat With the blood, and lift up your eyes toward your idols, and shed blood” Ezekiel 33:25.

But he that remaineth - Better, “And he too” shall remain over to our God.” Of the Philistines too, as of Israel, “a remnant shall be saved.” After this visitation their idolatry should cease; God speaks of the Philistine nation as one man; He would wring his idol-sacrifices and idol-enjoyments from him; he should exist as a nation, but as God‘s.

And he shall be as a governor in Judah - Literally, “a captain of a thousand,” merged in Judah as in a larger whole, as each tribe was divided into its “thousands,” yet intimately blended, in no inferior position, with the people of God, as each converted nation became an integral yet unseparated whole in the people of God.

And Ekron as a Jebusite - Ekron was apparently the least important of the few remaining Philistine cities (see at Joel 1:8, vol. 1); yet he shall he, as those of the Canaanite nations who were not destroyed, nor fled, but in the very capital and center of Israel‘s worship, “dwelt with the children of Benjamin and Judah” Joshua 15:63; Judges 1:21, and were, as a type of the future conversion and absorption of the pagan, incorporatcd into Judah.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Here are judgements foretold on several nations. While the Macedonians and Alexander's successors were in warfare in these countries, the Lord promised to protect his people. God's house lies in the midst of an enemy's country; his church is as a lily among thorns. God's power and goodness are seen in her special preservation. The Lord encamps about his church, and while armies of proud opposers shall pass by and return, his eyes watch over her, so that they cannot prevail, and shortly the time will come when no exactor shall pass by her any more.
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