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Psalms 107:22

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

And let them sacrifice - For their healing they should bring a sacrifice; and they should offer the life of the innocent animal unto God, as he has spared their lives; and let them thus confess that God has spared then when they deserved to die; and let them declare also "his works with rejoicing;" for who will not rejoice when he is delivered from death?

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

And let them sacrifice - As in the cases before Psalm 107:9, Psalm 107:16, this is connected with the preceding part of the psalm, or is a “continuation” of the thought which had been interrupted by the prayer, “Oh that men would praise the Lord.” The particular idea here is, that they who have been sick, and who have been restored to health, should offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving; or, that they are the proper persons to praise the Lord. The word “sacrifice” here is used in a large sense to denote worship or adoration. Let them worship God with thanks or praises.

The sacrifices of thanksgiving - Hebrew, “praise.” Let them offer praise.

And declare his works with rejoicing - Margin, as in Hebrew, “singing.” Let them set forth his “doings” in songs. Compare Psalm 9:11.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
If we knew no sin, we should know no sickness. Sinners are fools. They hurt their bodily health by intemperance, and endanger their lives by indulging their appetites. This their way is their folly. The weakness of the body is the effect of sickness. It is by the power and mercy of God that we are recovered from sickness, and it is our duty to be thankful. All Christ's miraculous cures were emblems of his healing diseases of the soul. It is also to be applied to the spiritual cures which the Spirit of grace works. He sends his word, and heals souls; convinces, converts them, makes them holy, and all by the word. Even in common cases of recovery from sickness, God in his providence speaks, and it is done; by his word and Spirit the soul is restored to health and holiness.