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Proverbs 26:26

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

Better, “Hatred is covered by deceit, but in the midst of the congregation his wickedness will be made manifest,” i. e., then, in the time of need, the feigned friendship will pass into open enmity.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Always distrust when a man speaks fair unless you know him well. Satan, in his temptations, speaks fair, as he did to Eve; but it is madness to give credit to him. 27. What pains men take to do mischief to others! but it is digging a pit, it is rolling a stone, hard work; and they prepare mischief to themselves. 28. There are two sorts of lies equally detestable. A slandering lie, the mischief of this every body sees. A flattering lie, which secretly works ruin. A wise man will be more afraid of a flatterer than of a slanderer.