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Mark 2:18

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Why do the disciples of John and of the Pharisees fast - See this largely explained on Matthew 9:14; (note), etc. The following vices are very common to Pharisees.

  1. They are more busied in censuring the conduct of others than in rectifying their own.
  • They desire that every one should regulate his piety by theirs; and embrace their particular customs and forms of devotion.
  • They speak of and compare themselves with other people, only that they may have an opportunity of distinguishing and exalting themselves.
  • On the nature, times, and duration of fasting, see Matthew 6:16; Matthew 9:15.

    Albert Barnes
    Notes on the Whole Bible

    And the disciples of John and of the Pharisees used to fast - Were accustomed often to fast. Compare Luke 5:33; Luke 18:12.

    And they come and say - The disciples of John come, Matthew 9:4.

    Matthew Henry
    Concise Bible Commentary
    Strict professors are apt to blame all that do not fully come up to their own views. Christ did not escape slanders; we should be willing to bear them, as well as careful not to deserve them; but should attend to every part of our duty in its proper order and season.
    Ellen G. White
    The Desire of Ages, 272-80

    This chapter is based on Matthew 9:9-17; Mark 2:14-22; Luke 5:27-39.

    Of the Roman officials in Palestine, none were more hated than the publicans. The fact that the taxes were imposed by a foreign power was a continual irritation to the Jews, being a reminder that their independence had departed. And the taxgatherers were not merely the instruments of Roman oppression; they were extortioners on their own account, enriching themselves at the expense of the people. A Jew who accepted this office at the hands of the Romans was looked upon as betraying the honor of his nation. He was despised as an apostate, and was classed with the vilest of society. DA 272.1

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