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Leviticus 6:20

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

In the day when he is anointed - Not only in that day, but from that day forward, for this was to them and their successors a statute for ever. See Leviticus 6:22.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

See Leviticus 4:3. Aaron‘s sons here spoken of (as in Leviticus 6:22) must be the succession of high priests who succeeded him. The day of this offering was probably the eighth day of the ceremony of consecration Leviticus 8:35; Leviticus 9:1, when the high priest appears to have entered upon the duties of his office.

A meat offering perpetual - Jewish tradition is in favor of these words implying that this מנחה mı̂nchāh was offered by the high priest as a daily rite from the time of his consecration.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
The law of the burnt-offerings put upon the priests a great deal of care and work; the flesh was wholly burnt, and the priests had nothing but the skin. But most of the meat-offering was their own. It is God's will that his ministers should be provided with what is needful.