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John 10:32

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Many good works have I showed you - I have healed your sick, delivered those of you who were possessed from the power of demons; I have fed multitudes of your poor, and I have taught you in all places, at all times, without expense, with patience; and is this my reward?

To show good works or good things is a Hebraism, which signifies to do them really, to give good things liberally. The phrase is similar to the following: Who will Show us any good? Psalm 4:6; i.e. who shall give us good things. Show us thy mercy, Psalm 85:7; i.e. give us to feel the effects of thy mercy. Thou hast Showed thy people hard things, Psalm 60:3; i.e. thou hast treated them with rigor. Thou hast Showed me great and sore troubles, Psalm 71:20; i.e. thou hast exposed me to terrible hardships.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

Many good works - Many miracles of benevolence healing the sick, etc. His miracles were good works, as they tended to promote the happiness of men, and were proofs of his benevolence. He had performed no other works than those of benevolence; he knew that they could charge him with no other, and he confidently appealed to them as witnesses of that. Happy would it be if all, when they are opposed and persecuted, could appeal even to their persecutors in proof of their own innocence.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Christ's works of power and mercy proclaim him to be over all, God blessed for evermore, that all may know and believe He is in the Father, and the Father in Him. Whom the Father sends, he sanctifies. The holy God will reward, and therefore will employ, none but such as he makes holy. The Father was in the Son, so that by Divine power he wrought his miracles; the Son was so in the Father, that he knew the whole of His mind. This we cannot by searching find out to perfection, but we may know and believe these declarations of Christ.
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