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Habakkuk 3:15

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Thou didst walk through the sea - There was no occasion to hurry across; all was safe, for God had divided the waters: and his terrible cloud had removed from before, and stood behind them, so that it was between them and the Egyptians. See Exodus 14:19, Exodus 14:20.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

Thou didst walk through the sea with Thine horses - God Himself is pictured as leading them on the way, Himself at the head of their multitude, having, as Asaph said of old “His path in the sea.” So Isaiah Isaiah 63:13. “who leddest them in the depths;” and Zechariah Zechariah 10:11. “And he shall pass through the sea.” God was literally there; for Acts 17:28. “in Him we live and move and have our being.” He who “is wholly everywhere but the whole of Him nowhere” manifested His Presence there. Such anthropomorphisms have a truth, which people‘s favorite abstractions have not.

Through the heap - oof great waters as of old Exodus 15:8; Psalm 78:13. “the waters stood us a heap, and He made the waters to stand a a heap.” The very hindrances to deliverance are in God‘s hands a way for His ends. The waves of the Red Sea rose in heaps, yet this was but a readier way for the salvation of His people and the destruction of their enemies. Dion.: “God prepareth ever a way for His elect in this present evil world, and leadeth them along the narrow way which leadeth unto life.”

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
God's people, when in distress, and ready to despair, seek help by considering the days of old, and the years of ancient times, and by pleading them with God in prayer. The resemblance between the Babylonish and Egyptian captivities, naturally presents itself to the mind, as well as the possibility of a like deliverance through the power of Jehovah. God appeared in his glory. All the powers of nature are shaken, and the course of nature changed, but all is for the salvation of God's own people. Even what seems least likely, shall be made to work for their salvation. Hereby is given a type and figure of the redemption of the world by Jesus Christ. It is for salvation with thine anointed. Joshua who led the armies of Israel, was a figure of Him whose name he bare, even Jesus, our Joshua. In all the salvations wrought for them, God looked upon Christ the Anointed, and brought deliverances to pass by him. All the wonders done for Israel of old, were nothing to that which was done when the Son of God suffered on the cross for the sins of his people. How glorious his resurrection and ascension! And how much more glorious will be his second coming, to put an end to all that opposes him, and all that causes suffering to his people!
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