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Ezekiel 6:4

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Your images shall be broken - Literally, your sun images; representations of the sun, which they worshipped. See the margin.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

Images - See the margin and margin reference, and the Ezekiel 8:16 note.

Idols - The Phoenicians were in the habit of setting up “heaps” or “pillars” of stone in honor of their gods, which renders the use of the word more appropriate.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
War desolates persons, places, and things esteemed most sacred. God ruins idolatries even by the hands of idolaters. It is just with God to make that a desolation, which we make an idol. The superstitions to which many trust for safety, often cause their ruin. And the day is at hand, when idols and idolatry will be as thoroughly destroyed from the professedly Christian church as they were from among the Jews.