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Ezekiel 43:25

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Seven days shalt thou prepare - These are, in general, ordinances of the Law; and may be seen by consulting the parallel passages. All these directions are given that they might follow them, when they should be put in possession of their own land. For in several cases the prophet enters into particulars, as if he had supposed that the book of the law had perished.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible
Verses 23-26

There was, on each of the seven days, a burnt-offering of a bullock and a ram, preceded by a “sin-offereng of a bullock” on the first day, and of a “kid of the goats” on the other days.

Ezekiel 43:24

Salt is here added to the “burnt-offering” to express still more the idea of purification. In the second temple no sacrifice was complete without the use of salt, and the rabbis assert that there was a great heap of salt close to the altar, always ready for use, and that the inclined plane to the altar was kept covered with salt. Compare Mark 9:49.

Ezekiel 43:26

Consecrate themselves - literally, as in the margin. Leviticus 8:27. The priests are already consecrated, but the memory of their consecration was thus kept up at the dedication of the altar.