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Ezekiel 20:27

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible
Verses 27-31

The probation in the land of Canaan from their entry to the day of Ezekiel.

Ezekiel 20:27

Yet in this - It was an aggravation of their guilt that they defiled with idolatry the land given them for their glory.

Ezekiel 20:29

Bamah - The Hebrew word for “high place.” Another instance of the perversion of God‘s laws. When the Israelites first entered Canaan they were to set up the “tabernacle” on a “high place,” and upon this and upon no other they were to worship Yahweh (1 Samuel 9:12 ff; 1 Kings 3:4). But the Israelites followed the custom of the country, and set up idol-worship on every high hill, and the word “high place” (“Bannah,” plural “Bamoth”) became a by-word (compare “Bamoth-Baal,” Joshua 13:17). “Bamoth” occurs on the Moabitic stone, which records the erection of high places in honor of Chemosh. The name “Bamah” was thus a brand of the divine displeasure, and a memorial of the people‘s guilt.

Ezekiel 20:30, Ezekiel 20:31

The present state of the people. Those who came to inquire were the representatives of the whole people though belonging to the exiles.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
The Jews persisted in rebellion after they settled in the land of Canaan. And these elders seem to have thought of uniting with the heathen. We make nothing by our profession if it be but a profession. There is nothing got by sinful compliances; and the carnal projects of hypocrites will stand them in no stead.