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Deuteronomy 22:22

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Shall both of them die - Thus we find that in the most ancient of all laws adultery was punished with death in both the parties.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
These and the like regulations might be needful then, and yet it is not necessary that we should curiously examine respecting them. The laws relate to the seventh commandment, laying a restraint upon fleshly lusts which war against the soul.
Ellen G. White
Testimonies on Sexual Behavior, Adultery, and Divorce, 249.3

Those who anciently committed these sins were taken without the camp and stoned to death. Temporal and eternal death was their doom; and because the penalty of stoning to death is abolished, this sin is indulged in beyond measure and is thought to be a small offense.—Manuscript 3, 1854. TSB 249.3

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