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1 Chronicles 3:5

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Shimea, and Shobab - Solomon is mentioned last, though he was the eldest of these four sons, because the genealogy was to be continued from him. Bath-shua שוע בת is the same as Bath-sheba, שבע בת the ו vau being put by mistake in the former for ב beth in the latter.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

Bathshua, the daughter of Ammiel - Both names are here given in an unusual form, but it may be doubted whether in either case there has been any corruption. In “Bathshua,” for “Bathsheba,” a ו (v ) replaces the ב (b ) of the earlier writer, “w” and “b” having nearly the same sound. In “Ammiel,” for “Eliam,” the two elements which form the name are inverted, as in Jehoiachin =Jechoniah, and the like.