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Titus 3:11

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Is subverted - Is turned out of the way in which he may be saved, and consequently sinneth - enters into that way that leads to destruction.

Being condemned of himself - This refers to the Judaizing teacher, who maintained his party and opinions for filthy lucre's sake. He was conscious of his own insincerity; and that he proclaimed not his system from a conscientious love of truth, but from a desire to get his livelihood. Were the Church in all countries, whether established by law or unestablished, strictly scrutinized, multitudes of heretics of this kind would be found. And perhaps this is the only bad sense in which the word should be understood.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

Knowing that he that is such is subverted - Literally, “is turned out;” or, “is changed,” i. e., for the worse. He has gone from the right way, and therefore he should be rejected.

And sinneth, being condemned of himself - His own conscience condemns him. He will approve the sentence, for he knows that he is wrong; and his self-condemnation will be punishment sufficient. His own course, in attempting a division or schism in the church, shows him that it is right that he should be separated from the communion of Christians. He that attempts to rend the church, without a good reason, should himself be separated from it.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
When the grace of God towards mankind has been declared, the necessity of good works is pressed. Those who believe in God, must make it their care to maintain good works, to seek opportunities for doing them, being influenced by love and gratitude. Trifling, foolish questions must be avoided, and subtle distinctions and vain inquiries; nor should people be eager after novelties, but love sound doctrine which tends most to edifying. Though we may now think some sins light and little, if the Lord awaken the conscience, we shall feel even the smallest sin heavy upon our souls.