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Ruth 2:1

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

A mighty man of wealth - We have already seen that some suppose Boaz to have been one of the judges of Israel; he was no doubt a man of considerable property.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

A kinsman - More literally “an acquaintance”; here (and in the feminine, Rth 3:2 ) denoting the person with whom one is intimately acquainted, one‘s near relation. The next kinsman of Rth 2:20 , etc. גאל gā'al is a wholly different word.

Boaz - Commonly taken to mean, “strength is in him” (compare 1 Kings 7:21).

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Observe Ruth's humility. When Providence had made her poor, she cheerfully stoops to her lot. High spirits will rather starve than stoop; not so Ruth. Nay, it is her own proposal. She speaks humbly in her expectation of leave to glean. We may not demand kindness as a debt, but ask, and take it as a favour, though in a small matter. Ruth also was an example of industry. She loved not to eat the bread of idleness. This is an example to young people. Diligence promises well, both for this world and the other. We must not be shy of any honest employment. No labour is a reproach. Sin is a thing below us, but we must not think any thing else so, to which Providence call us. She was an example of regard to her mother, and of trust in Providence. God wisely orders what seem to us small events; and those that appear altogether uncertain, still are directed to serve his own glory, and the good of his people.