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Psalms 45:14

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

She shall be brought unto the king - When an Asiatic princess is brought to her spouse, she is inclosed in a palakee, and no part of her person is visible. She is attended by her principal friends and companions, who follow the palakee, and the ceremony is accompanied with great rejoicing; and thus they enter into the palace of the king.

This part of this parabolical Psalm may refer to the glories of a future state. The Christian Church shall be brought to the King eternal in the great day, adorned with the graces of the Divine Spirit; and thus shall all the redeemed of the Lord enter Into the king's palace - into the everlasting joy of their Lord.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

She shall be brought unto the king - She shall be conducted to the king in the marriage procession, and be presented to him, clad in this magnificent raiment. The entire imagery is that of an Oriental marriage procession, where the bride is conducted forth to her future husband, attended by her virgin companions, or (as we should say) “bridesmaids.”

In raiment of needlework - The word used here means properly “something variegated” or “versicolored,” and would here denote a garment of divers colors, or “versicolored raiment.” The word - רקמה riqmâh - occurs in the following places: Judges 5:30, twice, where (as here) it is rendered “needlework;” 1 Chronicles 29:2; Ezekiel 17:3, rendered “divers colors;” and Ezekiel 16:10, Ezekiel 16:13, Ezekiel 16:18; Ezekiel 26:16; Ezekiel 27:7, Ezekiel 27:16, Ezekiel 27:24, where it is rendered “broidered work.” It has reference probably to embroidery or needlework, though the particular idea is rather that of the variegated “appearance” of the garment than to the manner in which it is made.

The virgins her companions that follow her shall be brought unto thee - literally, “virgins after her, her companions, brought unto thee.” That is, they will be brought to the king. They will come in the same state as the queen herself; they, her companions, will be of so illustrious rank and birth, and apparelled with so much richness, that even “they” will be regarded as worthy to be treated as queens, or in the manner of queens. The design of the whole is to show the rank, the dignity, the splendor of the bride; herself gorgeously apparelled, and attended with companions so exalted as to he worthy of being treated as queens themselves. If this is to be regarded as applicable to the church, “the Lamb‘s wife” Revelation 21:9, it is designed to describe that church as beautiful and glorious, and as worthy of the affection of its Saviour. Compare Ephesians 5:27.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
If we desire to share these blessings, we must hearken to Christ's word. We must forget our carnal and sinful attachments and pursuits. He must be our Lord as well as our Saviour; all idols must be thrown away, that we may give him our whole heart. And here is good encouragement, thus to break off from former alliances. The beauty of holiness, both on the church and on particular believers, is, in the sight of Christ, of great price, and very amiable. The work of grace is the workmanship of the Spirit, it is the image of Christ upon the soul, a partaking of the Divine nature. It is clear of all sin, there is none in it, nor any comes from it. There is nothing glorious in the old man or corrupt nature; but in the new man, or work of grace upon the soul, every thing is glorious. The robe of Christ's righteousness, which he has wrought out for his church, the Father imputes unto her, and bestows upon her. None are brought to Christ, but those whom the Father brings. This notes the conversion of souls to him. The robe of righteousness, and garments of salvation, the change of raiment Christ has put upon her. Such as strictly cleave to Christ, loving him in singleness of heart, are companions of the bride, who partake of the very same grace, enjoy the same privileges, and share in one common salvation. These, every one, shall be brought to the King; not one lost or left behind. Instead of the Old Testament church, there shall be a New Testament church, a Gentile church. In the believing hope of our everlasting happiness in the other world, let us always keep up the remembrance of Christ, as our only way thither; and transmit the remembrance of him to succeeding generations, that his name may endure for ever.