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Psalms 146:7

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

Which executeth judgment for the oppressed - This is the third reason why the lot of those is a happy one who trust in God. It is because he has power to pronounce and execute a right judgment or sentence in regard to the oppressed and the wronged, and because it is characteristic of his nature that he does thus execute judgment. See the notes at Psalm 103:6: “The Lord executeth right. eousness and judgment for all that are oppressed.”

Which giveth food to the hungry - See the notes at Psalm 107:9: “For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.” This is the fourth reason why they who confide in God are happy. Compare Luke 1:53: “He hath filled the hungry with good things.”

The Lord looseth the prisoners - This is the fifth reason why they who trust in the Lord are “happy.” Compare the notes at Psalm 68:6: “He bringeth out those which are bound with chains.” See also the notes at Psalm 107:10: “Being bound in affliction and iron.” Compare Job 36:8-9.

Ellen G. White
The Upward Look, 227.8

“Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God: which made heaven, and earth, the sea, and all that therein is: which keepeth truth for ever: which executeth judgment for the oppressed: which giveth food to the hungry.... The Lord shall reign for ever, even thy God, O Zion, unto all generations. Praise ye the Lord” (Psalm 146:5-10).—Manuscript 51, August 1, 1895, “God to Control His Heritage.” UL 227.8

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