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Psalms 132:17

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

There will I make thy horn of David to bud - The horn was an emblem of power; and then, of success or prosperity. See the notes at Luke 1:69. The word rendered “to bud” means to grow, or to shoot forth as a plant, or as grass grows; and then it may be applied to anything which shoots forth or grows. The allusion here would seem to be to a horn as it shoots forth on the head of an animal. So David would be endowed with growing strength; would have the means of defending himself against his enemies, and of securing victory. The language had no original reference to the Messiah, but it is not improperly applied to him (as springing from David) in Luke 1:69. On the word horn, see the notes at Psalm 75:4. Compare Psalm 89:17, Psalm 89:24; Psalm 92:10; Psalm 112:9; Daniel 7:8; Daniel 8:5.

I have ordained a lamp for mine anointed - Margin, a candle. I have appointed; that is, I have given him that which will always be as a lamp or guide to him; that by which he will see to walk. I have given him true and precious promises, which will be to him as a lamp, a candle, a lantern is to one walking in the night. See Psalm 18:28, note; Psalm 119:105, note.