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Psalms 112:10

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

The wicked shall see it - רשע rasha, the wicked one. Some think Satan is meant. It is distinguished from רשעים reshaim, wicked men, in the conclusion of the verse.

Shall gnash with his teeth - Through spite and ill will.

And melt away - Through envy and hopeless expectation of similar good; for his desire in reference to himself and in reference to him who is the object of his envy, shall perish - shall come to nothing.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

The wicked shall see it, and be grieved - They shall see his prosperity; shall see the evidence that God approves his character and his conduct. The word rendered “grieved” means rather to be angry or enraged. Perhaps the word “fret” would best express the sense.

He shall gnash with his teeth - As indicative of hatred and wrath. See the notes at Psalm 37:12.

And melt away - Disappear - as snow does that melts; or as a snail (see the notes at Psalm 58:8); or as waters that run away (see the notes at Psalm 58:7); or as wax (see the notes at Psalm 68:2). Their wrath shall be of no avail, for they themselves shall soon disappear.

The desire of the wicked shall perish - He shall not be able to accomplish his desire, or to carry out his purposes. He shall be disappointed, and all his cherished plans will come to nought. This is in strong contrast with what is said in the psalm would occur to the righteous. They would be prospered and happy; they would be able to carry out their plans; they would be respected while living, and remembered when dead; they would find God interposing in their behalf in the darkest hours; they would be firm and calm in the day of danger and of trouble; they would put their trust in the Lord, and all would be well. Surely there is an advantage in our world in being a friend of God.