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Psalms 112:1

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord - This seems to be the continuation of the preceding Psalm: there it was asserted that the beginning of wisdom was the fear of the Lord; and here the blessedness of the man who thus fears is stated.

That delighteth greatly - It is not enough to fear God, we must also love him: fear will deter us from evil; love will lead us to obedience. And the more a man fears and loves God, the more obedient will he be; till at last he will delight greatly in the commandments of his Maker.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

Praise ye the Lord - Margin, as in Hebrew, “Hallelujah.” See the notes at Psalm 106:1.

Blessed is the man - Hebrew, “The blessings of the man.” See the notes at Psalm 1:1. That is, Blessed, or happy, is such a one.

That feareth the Lord - In Psalm 111:10, the psalmist had referred to “the fear of the Lord” as “the beginning of wisdom,” and had “alluded” to the success, prosperity, or happiness which attends the fear of the Lord, or true religion. This psalm is designed more fully “to illustrate” that thought.

That delighteth greatly in his commandments - See the notes at Psalm 1:2. It is a characteristic of true piety to find pleasure in the commands of God; in the commandments themselves, and in obedience to them.