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Nahum 2:11

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Where is the dwelling of the lions - Nineveh, the habitation of bold, strong, and ferocious men.

The feeding place of the young lions - Whither her victorious and rapacious generals frequently returned to consume the produce of their success. Here they walked at large, and none made them afraid. Wheresoever they turned their arms they were victors; and all nations were afraid of them.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

Where is the dwelling of the lions, and the feeding place of the young lions? - Great indeed must be the desolation, which should call forth the wonder of the prophet of God. He asks “where is it?” For so utterly was Nineveh to be effaced, that its place should scarcely be known, and now is known by the ruins which have been buried, and are dug up. The messengers of her king had asked, “Where are the gods of Hamath and of Arpad? of Sepharvaim, Hena, and Ivah?” 2 Kings 18:34. And now of her it is asked, “Where is Nineveh?” It had “destroyed utterly all lands,” and now itself is utterly destroyed. The lion dwelt, fed, walked there, up and down, at will; all was spacious and secure; he terrified all, and none terrified him; he tore, strangled, laid up, as he willed, booty in store; but when he had filled it to the full, he filled up also the measure of his iniquities, and his sentence came from God. Nineveh had set at nought all human power, and destroyed it; now, therefore, God appears in His own Person.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
The kings of Assyria had long been terrible and cruel to their neighbours, but the Lord would destroy their power. Many plead as an excuse for rapine and fraud, that they have families to provide for; but what is thus obtained will never do them any good. Those that fear the Lord, and get honestly what they have, shall not want for themselves and theirs. It is just with God to deprive those of children, or of comfort in them, who take sinful courses to enrich them. Those are not worthy to be heard again, that have spoken reproachfully of God. Let us then come to God upon his mercy-seat, that having peace with him through our Lord Jesus Christ, we may know that he is for us, and that all things shall work together for our everlasting good.
Ellen G. White
Prophets and Kings, 364

The horseman lifteth up both the bright sword
and the glittering spear:
And there is a multitude of slain....
PK 364.1

“Behold, I am against thee,
Saith the Lord of hosts.”
PK 364.2

Nahum 3:1-5. PK 364

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