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Matthew 8:1

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

From the mountain - That mountain on which he had delivered the preceding inimitable sermon.

Great multitudes followed him - Having been deeply impressed with the glorious doctrines which they had just heard.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

When he was come down from the mountain - That is, immediately on his descending from the mountain. His discourse had attracted great attention, and the fame of it drew together great multitudes, who were convinced that he had come from God. Then follows, in this chapter and the chapter succeeding, a succession of “miracles” not less remarkable than his teaching was; miracles that tended to confirm beyond a doubt the impression made by his sermon that he was sent from God.

Great multitudes followed him - Great numbers of those who had been with him in the mountain, and great numbers of others who were attracted by the fame of that discourse.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
This verse refers to the close of the foregoing sermon. Those to whom Christ has made himself known, desire to know more of him.