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Mark 3:10

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

They pressed upon him - Rushed upon him, επιπιπτειν - through eagerness to have their spiritual and bodily maladies immediately removed.

Plagues - Rather disorders, μαϚιγας ; properly such disorders as were inflicted by the Lord. The word plague also tends to mislead.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

As many as had plagues - As many as had diseases or maladies of body or mind. The word plague, now confined to the pestilence, does not express the meaning of the original, and tends to mislead.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
All our sicknesses and calamities spring from the anger of God against our sins. Their removal, or the making them blessings to us, was purchased to us by the blood of Christ. But the plagues and diseases of our souls, of our hearts, are chiefly to be dreaded; and He can heal them also by a word. May more and more press to Christ to be healed of these plagues, and to be delivered from the enemies of their souls.