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John 16:28

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

I came forth from the Father - With whom I existed from eternity in glory.

Am come into the world - By my incarnation.

I leave the world - By my death.

And go to the Father - By my ascension. These four words contain the whole economy of the Gospel of man's salvation, and a consummate abridgment of the Christian faith. This gave the disciples a key to the whole of our Lord's discourse; and especially to that part, John 16:16, that had so exceedingly embarrassed them, as appears by John 16:17, John 16:18.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

I came forth from the Father - I came sent by the Father.

And am come into the world - See John 3:19; John 6:14, John 6:62; John 9:39.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Here is a plain declaration of Christ's coming from the Father, and his return to him. The Redeemer, in his entrance, was God manifest in the flesh, and in his departure was received up into glory. By this saying the disciples improved in knowledge. Also in faith; "Now are we sure." Alas! they knew not their own weakness. The Divine nature did not desert the human nature, but supported it, and put comfort and value into Christ's sufferings. And while we have God's favourable presence, we are happy, and ought to be easy, though all the world forsake us. Peace in Christ is the only true peace, in him alone believers have it. Through him we have peace with God, and so in him we have peace in our own minds. We ought to be encouraged, because Christ has overcome the world before us. But while we think we stand, let us take heed lest we fall. We know not how we should act if brought into temptation; let us watch and pray without ceasing, that we may not be left to ourselves.
Ellen G. White
The Upward Look, 357.3

The disciples were filled with great joy. Over and over again they repeated the words Christ had spoken to them in His last lessons, as recorded in the fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth chapters of John; and every one had something to say about the instruction, especially with regard to the words of the fourteenth of John ... [Verses 1-3, quoted].... UL 357.3

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