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Jeremiah 31:38

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

The city shall be built to the Lord - This cannot mean the city built after the return from Babylon, for two reasons:

  1. This is to be much greater in extent;
  • It is to be permanent, never to be thrown down, Jeremiah 31:40. It must therefore mean, if taken literally at all, the city that is to be built by them when they are brought in with the fullness of the Gentiles.
  • The tower of Hananeel -

    This stood in the northeast part of the city; from thence the wall proceeded to the corner gate, (probably the same as the old gate), thus named from its running out into an angle in that part.

    Albert Barnes
    Notes on the Whole Bible

    To the Lord - Or, for Yahweh: for His dwelling in the hearts of a people prepared to be His temple.

    Matthew Henry
    Concise Bible Commentary
    As surely as the heavenly bodies will continue their settled course, according to the will of their Creator, to the end of time, and as the raging sea obeys him, so surely will the Jews be continued a separate people. Words can scarcely set forth more strongly the restoration of Israel. The rebuilding of Jerusalem, and its enlargement and establishment, shall be an earnest of the great things God will do for the gospel church. The personal happiness of every true believer, as well as the future restoration of Israel, is secured by promise, covenant, and oath. This Divine love passes knowledge; and to those who take hold upon it, every present mercy is an earnest of salvation.