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Ezekiel 8:4

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

The vision that I saw in the plain - see the note on Ezekiel 3:23; (note); see also Ezekiel 1:3; (note).

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

The glory of the Lord having departed from His seat between the cherubims in the holy of holies (see Ezekiel 9:3) rests in the threshold of the temple, to execute vengeance before it quits the house altogether Ezekiel 10:18. The “there” in the inner court, which was “full of the brightness of the Lord‘S glory” Ezekiel 10:4, and at the gate of which Ezekiel stands.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
The glorious personage Ezekiel beheld in vision, seemed to take hold upon him, and he was conveyed in spirit to Jerusalem. There, in the inner court of the temple, was prepared a place for some base idol. The whole was presented in vision to the prophet. If it should please God to give any man a clear view of his glory and majesty, and of all the abominations committing in any one city, he would then admit the justice of the severest punishments God should inflict thereon.