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Deuteronomy 29:1

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

These are the words of the covenant - This verse seems properly to belong to the preceding chapter, as a widely different subject is taken up at Deuteronomy 29:2; of this; and it is distinguished as the 69th verse in some of the most correct copies of the Hebrew Bible.

Commanded Moses to make - לכרת lichroth, to cut, alluding to the covenant sacrifice which was offered on the occasion and divided, as is explained, Genesis 15:18; (note).

Beside the covenant which he made - in Horeb - What is mentioned here is an additional institution to the ten words given on Horeb; and the curses denounced here are different from those denounced against the transgressors of the decalogue.

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

This and the following chapter contain the address of Moses to the people on the solemn renewal of the covenant. Consult the marginal references for proof of historical statements or explanation of obscure words.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Both former mercies, and fresh mercies, should be thought on by us as motives to obedience. The hearing ear, and seeing eye, and the understanding heart, are the gift of God. All that have them, have them from him. God gives not only food and raiment, but wealth and large possessions, to many to whom he does not give grace. Many enjoy the gifts, who have not hearts to perceive the Giver, nor the true design and use of the gifts. We are bound, in gratitude and interest, as well as in duty and faithfulness, to keep the words of the covenant.